Questions and answers – Oliver Twist – Chapter 2

Questions with model answers
1) Why was Oliver careful to hide when he saw people in the street?
   -Because he thought they would want to take him back to Mr. Sowerberry.
2) How did Oliver go to London?
   -He walked. /On foot.
3) How long did Oliver walk to London? How did he suffer during his trip?
   -He walked for seven days, sleeping in fields and eating very little.
4) How could Jack trick Oliver when he met him?
   -He told him he knew a man who would give work and a room for nothing and took him to Fagin.
5) How was Oliver expectation about London as a great city just a naïve illusion?
    – Jack took Oliver through streets that were poorer and dirtier than he had ever seen.
6) Where did Fagin live? What was he like?
    -He lived in a large, dark back room. He was an ugly old man with red hair.
7) Despite having a lot of jewellery, Fagin lived in an old house. How did Oliver account for this?
     – He thought the old gentleman must be a miser to live in such an old place, or perhaps he used all       his money to look after the boys.
8) How did the gang try to teach Oliver picking pockets?
    – Fagin put a watch, a notebook and a wallet in his pockets. Then he walked around the room,
    pretending to be looking in shop windows. Jack and Charley then slightly picked up these things
    from his pockets.
9) When did Oliver understood that Fagin and the boys are thieves ?
     – When he saw Jack and Charley took a handkerchief from Mr. Brownlow’s pocket.
10) How was Oliver a victim of others’ deeds?
    – When Jack and Charley ran away, Oliver was wrongly caught for theft.
11) Why was Mr. Brownlow puzzled when he saw Oliver?
    -Because he thought that he had seen his face before.
12) What did the magistrate decide when he heard what Oliver had done?
    -He decided that Oliver should go to prison.
13) What happened to Oliver upon hearing that he would be imprisoned?
   -On hearing the news, Oliver felt ill and fainted. He was carried out of the room.
14) How did the bookshop owner (Mr. Brownlow) save Oliver from imprisonment?
   – Mr. Brownlow told the magistrate that it wasn’t Oliver who robbed him but two other boys.
15) How did Mr. Brownlow take Oliver to his house? Why?
   -He took him in a coach. He seemed a kind hearted man.
16) What did Oliver think of Fagin?
  -Fagin must be a miser to live in such an old place .
17) Where did Oliver stay in Mr. Brownlow’s house?
   -He in slept a warm, comfortable bed in Mr. Brownlow’s large house
18) How long did Oliver take to recover (get better)?
-Several days.
19) Why was Mr. Brownlow puzzled for the second time when he saw Oliver?
-Because he was looking at a painting of a pretty woman on the wall above Oliver’s head. The eyes, the head and the mouth were almost the same as Oliver’s.
20) How was Oliver when he saw the portrait of the woman?
-He was amazed.
21) How did Fagin feel when he heard what had happened to Oliver? Prove.
-Fagin was so angry. He threw a cup of coffee at Charley.
22) What problem would they face as a result of Oliver’s being arrested?
-Oliver will probably tell the police where we are and what we do.
23) Who did Fagin and Sikes send to find out what happened to Oliver? Why?
-Nancy. Because the police don’t know her.
24) Why did Fagin decide to find Oliver?
-He was afraid that the police would know about them .
25) What did Fagin decide when he knew that Mr. Brownlow took Oliver to his house?
-He decided that they must find out where he was before he told anyone about them.
26) Who were sent to find Oliver?
-Nancy and the Artful Dodger.
1-” I hope you’ve been at work this morning, boys.”
-What work and who are the boys .
2“the boy is so very young “
-Why did the speaker say so ?
3“Well done I felt nothing .You’re a clever boy. You’ll be as successful as the Artful Dodger”
What was the cleverness he talk about ?.
4- ” Stop thief “
-Why did the speaker say so?
5-“Let the boy go free and stop wasting my time”
Who was the speaker and did he say so ?
6-“I don’t think he did it “
What does he refer to? And what did he do ?
 7-“Go find Oliver . Don’t stop until you find him, not even for a minute”
-Who was the speaker and why did he want them to find Oliver ?
 8- “You must be quite or you will be ill again”
-Why did the speaker say so and why the addressee ill
Find the mistake
  1-Thanks to Fagin who proved that Oliver was innocent.
  2-The magistrate decision was to send Oliver to the workhouse.
  3-Oliver was taken to Mr. Brownlow’s house by car.
  4- Oliver went to London by bus .
  5- Fagin felt happy when the boys left Oliver alone.
  6- The officer set Oliver free as he didn’t want to waste his time.

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