Questions and answers Gulliver’s travels Chapter 2

Questions and answers
1-What did Gulliver do to punish people who hurt him?
He picked them up one at a time and put five of them in his pocket. He held the other one in my hand and picked up a knife. He laughed and moved the knife towards the little man’s hands. They all looked horrified.
2-What did the guard think Gulliver would do with the one of the men?
They thought he was going to eat him .
3- How did the king try to reward Gulliver for  his kindness?
The King decided to make him a bed.
4- How could the kings men make Gulliver a bed?
Workmen fitted together six hundred beds
5- What made the king worried about too many people coming to see Gulliver?
The King became worried because some of the villages were now so empty that there were not enough people to work in the fields.
7-How did the king  solve the problem of people coming to see Gulliver?
He made a new law saying that no one could see him without a license, which people had to pay for.
8– How would they be able to feed Gulliver during his stay on the island?
It was decided that all the people living near the city should supply sixty cows, forty sheep, bread and fruit every morning to help feed him.
19-How would they look after Gulliver during his stay on the island?
Six hundred people would be paid to look after him . Another three hundred people would be employed to make his clothes and six of the King’s best advisers would become his teachers, helping him to learn their language.
10- What measures did the king take before setting Gulliver free?
 Two of king’s soldiers were allowed to search his clothes for any weapons
11-What was the aim of searching Gulliver for any dangerous weapons?
The king  must protect his people. He must guarantee their safety.
12-How could the king’s soldier search Gulliver despite his big size?
Gulliver helped them , put them first in his coat pockets and then in his other pockets.
13-What thing couldn’t the soldier find on searching Gulliver? Give a reason?
The soldiers had not found a pair of glasses and some other things that he had kept in a secret pocket.
14-How did the soldiers behave when they heard the loud noise of the gun? Why?
The noise made the soldiers fall onto the ground in fear. The noise was too loud for them.
15-What puzzled the king about the watch?
He did not understand what it was for or why it made a continuous noise.
16- Why did the king order his men to take the guns and the watch to the palace?
So that his experts could examine them
17-What did Gulliver do to gain the Kings’ trust?
He did everything Gulliver could to please the King. So that they would set him free.
 18-Did Gulliver succeed in gaining the king’s confidence\ trust? Give clues 
Yes he did, Gulliver complied to the king. the King soon invited Gulliver to some important events.
 19-What did the king invite Gulliver to?
The King  invited Gulliver to some important events. Gulliver was invited to watch some of the country’s best athletes.
 20-How did people practice high jump on the island of Lilliput?
Two men held the ends of a long pole and the athletes took turns to jump over the pole. After each successful jump, the pole was put in a higher position
21-What was the winner given at the end of the competition?
The person who jumped the highest was given a coloured ribbon by the King
22-How did the king try to show Gulliver their Military forces?
the King decided to show Gulliver  the size of his army.
23-What did the king ask the soldier to do in the military parade?
He ordered three thousand of his soldiers to ride their horses in a line between his legs while Gulliver stood without moving by the town gates. The people watching loved watching this and everyone clapped
24- Who was against setting Gulliver’s free\ giving his freedom?
 One adviser called Skyresh Bolgolam did not want Gulliver  to be free.
25- What promises should Gulliver make to be set free?
Gulliver  must promise not to enter the city unless he was asked
-He  must promise not to step on any of the people of Lilliput.
-He must  not lie down in any fields.
-He  must agree not to leave the country without a licence.
– Finally, he must promise to fight for the King if there was ever a war with Blefuscu,
the country  next to theirs.
26- What did Gulliver ask the king to do on setting him free?
He asked the king if he could see his great city, which was called Mildendo.
27-What was Mildendo?
It was the king’s great city.
28-On what conditions did the king give Gulliver permission to see the city?
He had to be very careful not to damage any of the buildings or hurt any of the people.
29- How did the king try to warn people against Gulliver’s visit to Mildendo?
  He  put up a notice warning the people about my visit and told them all to stay indoors.
30- Why do you think Gulliver didn’t go through the city’s gate?
 Because the gate was too small for him. Gulliver was too big for the gate.
31- Why did Gulliver have to be careful while walking down the streets?
He needed to be careful that his coat did not damage the roofs of the small houses.
32- What could Gulliver see in the city of Mildendo?
There were many shops and little markets and in the centre of the city stood the King’s palace.
33-How could Gulliver pass over the palace without damaging any walls?
He cut down some of the largest trees to make the trees into two wooden stools. He stood on one of them and passed the other over the roof of the palace.
34- Who was Reldresal,
He was an important official who worked for the King
35- How could Reldresal talk to Gulliver despite his small size?
Gulliver offered to lie down so he could speak to him easily, but he suggested that he stand in gulliver’s hand instead. “
36- What was the inside problem in the country?
There has been a great argument between the two main political groups. Tramecksanand Slamecksan.
37- What was the argument between Tramecksan and Slamecksa about ?
Tramecksan, believed that people should wear high heels on their shoes because this was the country’s tradition. The other group, the Slamecksan, believed that they should wear low heels because this was more modern.
38- Why did Slamecksan think about the heels ? why?
The other group, the Slamecksan, believed that they  should wear low heels because this was more modern.
39- What was Belfusco ? Where was Belfusco ?
Blefuscu was an island about 800metres to the northeast of Lilliput
40- What did Reldersal tell Gulliver about Belfuscu ?
Reldresal said that this island was nearly as large and as powerful as Lilliput and the countries had been fighting each other for many years.
41- How did the war between the Lilluput and Belfuscu begin ?
They disagreed about how to break  a boiled egg  before they ate it.
42- What was the traditional way to break an egg?
 The traditional way to break an egg before you eat it is to break it at the larger end.
43- What were the people of Belfuso  planning to?
 They were planning to attack Lilliput any day soon.
44- Why did the king ask Reldresal  to tell Gulliver about this problem?”
 Because he wants Gulliver  to help them in their fight against Belfuscu.
1 – “Off you go, Your king wants to keep me tied up, but I don’t mind  if you are free.”
– What did Gulliver do with the other men in his pocket?
2 – ” I think this helped my situation.”
– What did he mean by this?
3 – “Your Highness, you know I won’t hurt your people.”
 – What did Gulliver ask from the king?
4 –I can see that you are not a violent man, but this will take time and you need to be patient.”
 – What should Gulliver be patient for?
5 –” First of all, you must allow two of my soldiers to search your clothes.”
 – What would search him for?
6 – “Whatever we find in your pockets, we will keep them.”
– What would they do with these things?
7 – ” Your sword looks extremely dangerous. please put it down.”
– What did he show the king after that ?
8 – ” What are these strange things?”
1 – Who was the addressee?
2 – What were these things?
9 – ” I will show you ,don’t worry , they will make loud noise.”
 – What were these things?
10 – ” What is this strange machine for? Why does it make noise?”
 – What machine does he refer to?
11 – “I hope you will be a useful servant to me and prove that I’ve been right to feed you ……”
 – How did he feed him?
12 –  “I will do my best .”
 – Why did he say this ?
13 – ” I have something important to tell you.”
– What did he tell Gulliver?
14 –” we are all pleased that you’re now free, but this is only because of the difficult situation in Lilliput.”
 – What was the outside problem?
15“This law is not at all popular and there have been many rebellions because of it.”
 -What was that law?
16“I am ready to help to defend your country from any coming attack.”
 – Why did Gulliver agree to do that?
Find the mistakes and correct the sentences
1 – Gulliver used the knife to kill the man.
2 – Because of his kindness , The king decided to make Gulliver a bag.
3 – The king made a law saying that it is allowed to see Gulliver without a license.
4 – The king appointed some of the farmers to teach Gulliver.
5 – Gulliver asked the king not to set him free.
6 – In Gulliver’s pocket , the soldiers found a sword and some scissors.
7 – The king gave the winner of the competition a black ribbon.
8 – The king’s army moved between Gulliver’s hands.
9 – Gulliver had to make some promises to be punished.
10 – Gulliver should step on any one of Lilliput.
11 – Gulliver refused all the promises happily.
12 – There are three problems that face the king.
13 – The outside problem was about wearing shoes with high or low heels.
14 – The king made a law that everyone should break en egg larger end.
15 – The king wanted Gulliver to fight against him in his war.

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