Gulliver’s Travels (questions & answers ) 2nd year secondary

Answer the following questions
1- What did Lemuel Gulliver  study ? why?
    He studied medicine to be a surgeon.
 2-  Who was Mr Bates?
He was the surgeon Lemuel Gulliver worked for  as an apprentice.
  3- Although he liked and  admired Mr Bates, he didn’t enjoy working as a surgeon. Give a reason
Because he liked to travel round the world.
4-  Was Lemuel Gulliver   satisfied with working as a surgeon?
No, he wasn’t. because he always dreamed of travelling.
 5- What did Lemuel Gulliver   do in his free time? Why?
In his free time Lemuel Gulliver  learned how to sail so that one day he could leave England and  explore the world.
 6- What favour did Mr Bates do to Lemuel Gulliver?
    Mr Bates helped him to get work as a surgeon on a ship .
7 -What prevented Lemuel Gulliver from settling down in London?
 Work was not easy to find in London
 8-What did do in his free time on the ship?
 In his free time, he read books and taught himself to speak several languages.
9- What happened when the ship was blown onto the rock?
It was in great danger . It sank.
10-What did Lemuel Gulliver do before the ship sank?
He climbed into a lifeboat with five other sailors and they were able to escape.
11-How did the Sailors meet their end?
They rowed for some distance, but the sea did not become calmer. A huge wave hit them and they were all thrown into the sea.
12-Why was it impossible for Gulliver to stand up in the morning?
Because his arms, his legs and even his hair were all somehow fastened to the ground.
13-How was Gulliver tied to the ground?
Thin ropes were tied around his body and neck.
14-What was moving up Gulliver’s body? What was it like?
It was a human, but this human was only about fifteen centimetres tall.
15-What was the small man carrying?
  He was carrying a bow and arrow,
16-How was the people on that island different from other people ?
 The people on the island were small in size.  They were only about fifteen centimetres tall.
17-What did the little people do when Gulliver set free his arm?
The little men shouted something in a strange language. They began shooting their arrows at Gulliver. He felt hundreds of arrows hit my left hand.
18-When did the little men become quiet and stop shooting their arrows?
Because they could see that Gulliver was not trying to escape
19-What did Gulliver think they were doing on hearing wood being cut?
He guessed they were building something. It was a wooden platform.
20-How did Gulliver know that the man was an important?
The man was wearing important–looking clothes. There was a servant on each side of his.
21-How could Gulliver communicate with the king of the island although he didn’t speak their language?
He used sign language. He pointed to his mouth to show them that he was hungry and thirsty. 
 22-How was Gulliver about to lose his eye?
Some of the little men shot arrows at him, and one arrow nearly hit his eye.
 23-How did the guards try to protect Gulliver?
 The guards stopped them from climbing on Gulliver’s body. They arrested the six people who shot him.
 24-How did the guards try to punish people who hurt Gulliver?
They tied their hands together and pushed them towards him, thinking that he could punish them. 
 25-What did Gulliver do to punish people who hurt him?
He picked them up one at a time and put five of them in his pocket. He  held the other one in his hand and picked up a knife. He laughed and moved the knife towards the little man’s hands. They all looked horrified.

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