Questions on Gulliver’s Travels:-

 1- Where was Lemuel Gulliver born?
 2- What did Lemuel Gulliver  do after he finished school
 3- What did Lemuel Gulliver  study ? why?
 4-  What did Lemuel Gulliver do while he studying?
 5-  Who was Mr Bates?
 6-  Did he like Mr Bates? Give a reason?
 7- Although he liked and  admired Mr Bates, he didn’t enjoy working as a
      surgeon. Give a reason
 8-  Was Lemuel Gulliver  satisfied with working as a surgeon?
 9- What did Lemuel Gulliver   do in his free time? Why?
 10- How did Mr Hates help Lemuel Gulliver   after he had finished his studies?
 11- What favour did Mr Bates do to Lemuel Gulliver?
 12 -How long did Lemuel Gulliver work on the ship?
 13 -Where did the ship go during this period?
 14-Who did Lemuel Gulliver  get married to?
 15 -What did Lemuel Gulliver decide to do after getting married?
 16 -What prevented  from settling down in London?
 17-How did Gulliver  solve the problem of getting a job?
18- What forced Lemuel Gulliver  to take another job on a ship?
19-How did Lemuel Gulliver earn good money?
20-What did he  do in his free time?\
21-What was the ship Lemuel Gulliver got a job called?
22-When did  life change? How?
23-How long had he been at sea before the ship Antelope was hit by a violent storm?
24-What happened to Antelope?
25-How  did they lose some of their crew?
26- How was the ship Antelope blown onto a rock?
27- What was the effect when the ship was blown onto the rock?
28-What did Lemuel Gulliver do before the ship sank?
29-How many people escaped death when the violent storm hit the ship?
30-How did the sailors meet their end?
31-How was Gulliver kucky after the storm and the huge wave?
32-What happened to other sailors after the huge wave hit the lifeboat?
33-What did Gulliver do when the boat was  turned over?
34-What decided the direction Gulliver went in?
35-How did Gulliver reach land?
36-How was Gulliver when he reached the land?
37-Why did Gulliver think it was a desert island when he reached it?
38-What did Gulliver do when he reached the island?
39-Why couldn’t Gulliver stand up when he woke up in the morning?
40-What was impossible for Gulliver to do when he woke up? Why?
41-How was Gulliver tied to the ground?
42-What was the only thing Gulliver could do when he woke up?


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