the face on the Wall questions and answers

The face on the Wall
Questions and answers:-
1- What were Dabny and the men  talking about?
  -They were talking about unusual events that had no natural explanation.
2-What did he say to attract them?
He told them that it was a true story that happened to him and completed itself that afternoon..
3Why were there patches on the wall?         
Because it was an old house and the place was damp.    
4-What was strange about one of the patches?
It looked like a face of a real man..                  
5-How did the face on the wall control (get a firmer hold) of the story teller?
-It became the chief thing in his life and his thoughts. He thought of it as a fellow lodger.

 6-How did he describe the face?                                   
 -It was the face of an unusual man, a man in a thousand.
7-Why did the story teller go to political meetings, railway stations and football matches?
 -To meet the real man.                         
8-What did the story teller do when the man go out of his room?       He asked the man to give him his card as he wanted to communicate with him. 
9-Why did the story teller faint?
-Because the name on the card was the same as the name of the street where he lived “Mr. Ormond Wall”.
10-Why did the police suspected the story teller?
-Because he was standing at busy corners looking only at men.
11-What did he do on the boat to speak to the man?
-He stood in opposite the door and waited for him to come out.
12-What made Mr. Ormond give his card to the stranger?
-Because he thought that the story teller was a madman.
13-Why did the story teller return back to his room as if he was in a dream                                    
Because the face on the wall began to faint after Mr. Wall’s accident.
14-What did the story teller find out about Mr. Ormond?
-He found out that he was a millionaire with English parents who had lived in London
15-What happened to the face on the wall when Mr. Ormond made an accident? 
-The face was faint.                  
16-What were the three extraordinary things about the story?
a-The face on the wall was like the face of a gentleman in America and disappeared when he died.
b-The gentleman’s name had a relation to the place where the face appeare   
CHe made up (fabricated) the story.

17-How did the story teller surprise us at the end of the story?
 -He fabricated the story


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