One of the Hot Spots

What was the Plancius?     

8- Why didn’t the officer ask the man why he had jumped into the sea?

* He disliked it and didn’t want to see it again.

13- What were the writer’s feelings towards Semarang? 

12- How did the writer feel when the ship moved? 

* He felt it was like getting out of prison.

11- How does the writer feel about the people who lived in Semarang? 

* He feels very sorry for all the people who live in Semarang.

10- What did the officer know about the passenger? 

* All that he knew about the man that he was coming back to his work at Semarang.

9- When did the officer see the passenger after going back to his room? 

*At breakfast. They sat next to each other.

* Because he was so surprised that he didn’t know what to say.

7- What did the passenger do when he fell into the sea? 

* He climbed up the ladder onto the ship, looked at his watch and went back to his room.

6- How was the water of the sea near Semarang? Why? 

* It was smooth, solid and glassy because there was no wind.

5- Why was Semarang very hot? 

* The mountain behind it kept the wind off.

4- What was well known about Semarang? 

* It was the hottest town in the whole of islands.   

3- Why was the writer unwilling to go on shore at Semarang? 

* He wasn’t attracted as it lacked colour and gaiety.

2- Why did the ship stand half a mile from the harbour? 

* Because the harbour was shallow.

* It was the ship on which the narrator was travelling

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