level 12

 – Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly :

1 – The flying from London to Cairo takes about 4 hours.
2 – You need a pilot’s qualification before you fly alone,
3 – Some films are not right for young children.
4 – Doctors are always trying to find helpful treatments for diseases.
5 – My uncle is in control of the science department.
6 – Your grades are impress, Mona
7 – The drum is an musical instrument.
8 – Every culture has its own traditional fork music.
9 – The pyramids are the most important trademarks in Egypt.
10 – The girl does the dusting yesterday.
11– Many of them was clever.
12 – A line of people or vehicles moving quickly as part of a ceremony.
13- He hopes winning a prize for his school work.
14 – I regret to go to the cinema, it was not a very good film.
15 – She offered taking me to the station in her car.
16 – We have just finished to watch a TV programme .
17 – When did you decide to studying biology?
18– We have arranged picking my brother up from the airport.
19– Their teacher agreed helping them find an English pen friend.
20 – He stopped to write , he no longer writes.
21 – He tried to answer the exam with no difficulty.
22 – He would like eating fish.


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