The Face on the Wall  
  Questions and answers

1- What were Dabny and the men sitting with him talking about?
  -They were talking about unusual events that had no natural explanation.
2-How did Dabney include the stranger in the talk?
-He asked him if he had any experience that couldn’t be explained
3-What did he say to attract them?
He told them that it was a true story that happened to him and completed itself that afternoon..
4-What did he say about truth? Why?                
-He said that truth is more interesting and stranger than stories to attract them.
5-How long ago did the event happen?                    
It began a year or two before.
6-Where did the story teller live?                                
In a room in Great Ormond Street.
7-Why were there patches on the wall?         
Because it was an old house and the place was damp.
8-What was strange about one of the patches?
It looked like a face of a real man.
9-How did the face on the wall control (get a firmer hold) of the story teller?
It became the chief thing in his life and his thoughts. He thought of it as a fellow lodger.
10-Why did he think that the face on the wall was the face of a real man?              
Because it controlled of him firmly.        
11-How did he describe the face?                                    
It was the face of an unusual man, a man in a thousand.
12-Why did the story teller go to political meetings, railway stations and football matches?
 To meet the real man
13-Where did he see the man for the first time ?
He saw him in a taxi. He took another taxi and followed him to Charing Cross Station.
14-What was the effect of the search on the story teller?
-The search became like madness to him he neglected everything else. 
ً15-Why did the story teller go to Boulogne?       
 -To meet the real man.
16-Why did the man go to the station?
To take the train to Folkstone and go to France by boat.
17-What did the story teller do when the man go out of his room?                                                               He asked the man to give him his card as he wanted to communicate with him. 
                            .18-Why did the story teller faint?
Because the name on the card was the same as the name of the street where he lived “Mr. Ormond Wall”.
19-Why did the police suspected the story teller?
Because he was standing at busy corners looking only at men.
    20-Why couldn’t the story teller speak with the man on the plat form? 
Because he found him standing with two ladies and a little girl.
21-What did he do on the boat to speak to the man?                              
He stood in opposite the door and waited for him to come out.
   22-What made Mr. Ormond give his card to the stranger?
Because he thought that the story teller was a madman.
23-Why was the story teller sad to see the face on the wall grow faint?   
Because he thought of it as his room-mate.  
 24-Why did the story teller return back to his room as if he was in a dream                                         
Because the face on the wall began to faint after Mr. Wall’s accident.
    25-What did the story teller find out about Mr. Ormond?
He found out that he was a millionaire with English parents who had lived in London
26-How did he get information about Mr. Ormond?
He wrote to Americans newspapermen and met Americans in London 
 27-How long did the story teller stay in hospital? Why?
  He stayed for some weeks because his condition was serious.
28-What happened to the face on the wall when Mr. Ormond made an accident?  
The face was faint. 
29-When did the face on the wall disappear?
When Mr. Ormond died.
30-What were the three extraordinary things about the story?
a-The face on the wall was like the face of a gentleman in America and disappeared when he died.
b-The gentleman’s name had a relation to the place where the face appeared.                                               C-He made up (fabricated) the story.
31-How did the story teller surprise us at the end of the story?
 He fabricated the story.
 32-Why is this story entitled “The face on the wall”?

Because one of the patches on the wall was like a human face. 


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