King Lear Unit 8

King Lear is the story of an elderly king who decides to split his kingdom among his daughters and the chaos that ensues from it. The king decided that he would ration his kingdom between his three daughters, Cordelia, Regan, and Goneril, based on the love each had for him. Regan and Goneril both proclaimed indying love for him, while Cordelia was blunt and honest which upset Lear. Because of this Lear disinherits Cordelia out of anger. Cordelia then marries the King of France because he respects her honesty. Lear then states that he will live with his two daughters, who will supports his personal guard of one hundred knights…..

        – He decided to give his country to his three daughters, Goneril, Regan and  Cordelia.
      2- What did Shakespeare want to know before he gave his money and land to his daughters?
         – He wanted to know how much they loved him.
      3- What did Goneril and Regan tell Lear?
         – They told him they loved him so much.
      4 – Why was King Lear angry with his daughter Cordelia?
          – Because she couldn’t say how much she loved him.
          – Because she didn’t know how to describe her love to him.   
       5 – What did King Lear do to his daughter, Cordelia? Why?
         – He didn’t give her any of his money and land and sent her away to France because she didn’t tell him how much she loved him.
       6 – Why didn’t Lear give any of his money and land to Cordelia?
          – Because she didn’t tell him how much she loved him.
       7-How do you think Lear discovered he had made a terrible mistake?
          – He saw that Goneril and Regan didn’t really love him.
       8 -What did King Lear find out about Goneril and Regan?
         – He found out that they loved him only so that they could have his money and his country and they did not love him at all.
        9 -Why do you think Lear wanders around the country?
           – He probably doesn’t want to live with the two dishonest daughters.
       10 -Why did Cordelia come back to England with French soldiers?
         – She wanted to try to help her father and save him.
      11-   How did Cordelia try to help her father?
        – She came back to Englandwith French soldiers to try to save him and to take his country back from her two sisters.
      12 –   Who puts Cordelia and Lear in prison? Why?
          – The English soldiers who are working for Goneril and Regan because Cordelia and Lear were trying to take the power from them.
      13-    When did Cordelia tell her father how much she loved him?
         – When they were captured and put into prison.
     14 –   How do you think Cordelia feels when she hears what has happened to her father?
         – She feels sad and sorry because she loves him.
      15   “Cordelia should have left her father and not tried to save him.” Do you agree? Why? Why not?
    – No, because she must be kind to her father no matter what he does to her.
    16 – How do you think Lear feels when Cordelia tries to help him?
 – He probably feels regretful and ashamed.
       17- What does Lear realize in the end?
– He realizes that Cordelia really loves him more than his other two daughters.
     18 –   How do you think Lear feels when he finds out how much Cordelia loves him?
– He feels ashamed, sorry, foolish and guilty
19 –  What did Lear learn from his mistake?
– He learns that people can have feelings without talking about them.
        20 –   What is the moral of King Lear story?
– People can have feelings without talking about them. رابط ترجمة النص الكامل للاديب كامل كيلانى 

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