Ernest Hemingway

Ernest HemingwayErnist Hemingway
     Hemingway was a very talented American writer. He had quite an ordinary childhood. He was born in Chicago in 1899, and was the second of six children. His father was a doctor and his mother was a music teacher. He really loved the outdoor life and spent a lot of time walking, camping and fishing. He started to write at the age of 16. He started writing poems and short stories for his school magazine. He usually wrote about his own life. He left school at 18 and went to Italy to join the Red Cross. It was during the First World War. He drove an ambulance. He was badly wounded there. He was the first American to be wounded in the war. After the war he returned to America and married Hadley Richardson.
       In 1922 he and his wife went back to Europe (Paris) where he worked as a journalist, reporting news stories of all kinds. He met many famous writers in Paris and soon afterwards decided to give up journalism and write fiction. He wrote his first big novel “A farewell to Arms” in 1929. It was a story of love in wartime Italy. Then he wrote a novel called “For Whom the Bell Tolls?” in 1940. It was about the war in Spain. After that he didn’t write fiction for a few years because he became a journalist again and reported on the Second World War. His next well-known book was “The old Man and the Sea”, which was shorter than his other novels and that was his most successful book. In 1953, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. For the rest of his life, he suffered from illness and died in 1961.

For 1st secondary

Choose the correct answer:
1-I think Paris is ……………………… beautiful than New York.
       a)more          b) most     c) the most           d) the least
2-Seoul has the ………………………. population in the world.
        a)high          b)highest    c)higher             d)highly)
3The pacific is the ……………………… ocean in the world.
  a) biggest      b)bigger     c)big                   d)tallest
4-Which is..…… the Nile or the Amazon?
        a)long           b)longer      c)longest             d)length
5-The Nile is the ………………………… river in the world.
         a)long          b) length        d)longer            d)longest
6-The warmer the weather, the ……………………….. I feel.
              a)good        b) better         c) best               d) more good
7-    Sarah is the ………………………………… of the two sisters.
              a)young       b)younger     c)youngest        d)more young)
8-Today is………………………… hotter than yesterday.
a)      a little        b)little          c)less                  d)the least
9-Ayman is the…………………………. boy in our class.
     a)highest          b)longest      c) tallest           d)deepest
10Everest is the ……………………………mountain in the world.
     a)high                b)higher        c) highest        d)highly
11-London isn’t …………………………………. hot as Cairo.
     a)so                   b)very            c) highly        d) a lot
12-Everest is ………………………………. than Kilimanjaro.
    a)high                 b) higher          c) highest      d) highly
13- The Old Man and the Sea is shorter ………… A Farewell to Arms.
a)Than               b)as                    c) that           d)to
14- The Nile is ……………….. beautiful river I have ever seen.
a)     Most            b) least                  c)less              d) the most
15- He is …………………… football player I have ever met.
            a)the best  b) good                  c) better        d)best
Rewrite using the word(s) in brackets to give the same meaning:
1-    The Nile is the longest river in the world.  (No other river………)
 No other river is longer than the Nile.
2-    A very big elephant suddenly came out from behind the tree. (enormous)
3-    Mark and Fady aren’t the same height.  (as……as)
4-    You didn’t pay as much money as I did.  (more)
5-    I have never met such a good friend.  (the best)
6-    Dalia and Mary are the same age.  (as…
7-    He got the best marks in our class.  (Nobody….)
8-    My car is as expensive as yours.  (the same)
9-    Rania is the tallest girl in class. (taller)
10-    Finland is colder than Egypt. (as hot as)
11-    He is a careful driver.  (carefully)
12-    No city in Egypt is bigger than Cairo.  (biggest)
13-    Everest is the highest mountain in the world. (higher)
14-    Ali plays football well.  (good)
      15-After the race, the athletes were very tired.  (exhausted)

ترجمة من العربية الى الانجليزية ( نماذج )

1-ترتفع الاسعار ارتفاعا كبيرا فى ظل سياسة التضخم   

Prices go sky high whenever there is inflation
2- لقد بذل المدرس كل مافى وسعى لمعاونة الطلاب على فهم الدرس
The teacher has done his best (bent over backwards) to help the students understand
3- اتوسل اليك ان تتقبل اعتذارى لعدم الرد على خطابك
I beg your pardon to accept my apology for not replying your letter.
4- استهدف الصياد النمر واطلق النار عليه لكنه اخطاه
The huntsman aimed at the tiger and fired, but missed it.
5- احيانا لايعطى الطعيم الحماية الكاملة ضد الانفلونزا والامراض الاخرى المعدية
Vaccination doesn’t sometimes give complete protection against flu and other infectious diseases.
6- ليس من السهل ان تجد الوظيفة التى تريدها فى سوق عمل يتسم بالتنافسية الشديدة
It is not easy to find a job you like in a completive job market.
7- يمكننا ان نستفيد من القمامة بحرقها واستخلاص عدة مواد منها
We can make use of rubbish by burning it and extracting various substances from it.
8- كيف يمكن للمرء ان يستثمر امواله فى ايام التضخم هذه؟
How can one invest his money in these days of inflation?
9- لقد اجبرت الشرطة اللص على ان يعترف بارتكابه الجريمة بالتفصيل
The police have forced the thief to confess to committing his crime in details.
10- كان علينا ان نسابق الزمن لكى ننهى العمل قبل الوقت المحدد
We had to race against time to finish work before the deadline
11- تعتبر طبقة الاوزون بالغلاف الجوى من نعم الله الكبيرة على الانسان
The ozone layer in the atmosphere is one of God’s great blessings for man.

  12- ان العواصف والبراكين تسبب تدهورا كبيرا فى الانتاج الزراعى والصناعى             

Storms, floods and earthquakes cause (bring about) great deterioration in industrial and agricultural production.
13- تمدنا الاشجار بالظل فى الصيف وتحمبنا من الشمس الحارقة
Trees provide us with shade in summer and protect us from the burning sun.
14- يقوم العلماء بالتجارب ليكونوا قادرين على اثبات النظريات بطريقة عمليه
Scientists do experiments to be able to prove theories in a practical way.
15- تعد دائرة المعارف ضرورية لكل باحث لانها تحتوى على كل فروع المعرفة البشرية
The encyclopedia is necessary for every researcher as it contains all branches of human knowledge.
16- يبذل العلماء جهودا مضنية لحل المشكلات التى تهدد الانسان والبيئة
Scientists, exert great efforts to solve problems which threaten man and the environment
17- يجب على الوالدين توجيه ورعاية ابنائهم ليواصلوا رحلة الحياة بامان
Parents should direct and care from the others’ experience in industry and technology
18- من حقك ان تعبر عن رايك بحرية ولكن يجب ان تحترم الاخرين
You have the right to express freely, but you should respect the others.
19- ان الجهود التى تبذل من اجل تحسين الصحة لايمكن ان تتم بنجاح الابتعاون الافراد مع الحكومة The efforts exerted to improve health can not be successfully done without the individuals cooperation with the government.
20- لقد اعدت الحكومة خطة طموحةللقضاء على المشاكل الشائكة مثل البطالة والاسكان
The government has set an ambitious plan to eliminate thorny problems like unemployment and housing

chapter 3 The Mask of Gold

Chapter Three
The Flight to Cuzco
coastal plain
سهل ساحلى
جامع (يقتنى الأشياء الثمينة)
خط الاستواء
يتورط فى
يتدفق سريعا
خطير- جدي-  جاد
علامات – درجات
حيوان اللاما
يسلم على -يهز
شاحب -باهت
royal tomb
مقبرة ملكيه
in charge of
يثق ب
the dead
fasten seat belts
يربط أحزمة المقاعد
ينزل – ينحدر من
shake hands
سلام بالأيدى
ِland rover
سيارة سفارى ( لاند روفر)
حمالة لنقل الناس
head to
يتجه الى
Questions and Answers
1. From where did the flight take off?
The plane took off from Lima, the capital city of Peru. Dr Hafez and Leila were on board.
2. What was their destination?
They were going to Cuzco, the capital City of Inca Empire.
3. What reminded Leila of the Egyptian desert?
When she saw the coastal plain, she began to remember the Egyptian desert.
4. What did Leila see from the plane?
She could see high mountains covered with trees and bushes. They were steep and there are fast-flowing rivers.
5. How did Dr. Hafez know that he was working on the right lines?
When he read the papers that Leila brought with her.
6. Why was the plane full?
Because there were many German tourists that were going to Cuzco in order to go to Machu Picchu; the newly discovered Inca city.
7. What was Machu Pichu?
It was a great city in Inca Empire. It was lost for hundreds of years but it was discovered recently.
8. Where were they working?
They were working on a site near Quenco.
9. Why was Dr. Hafez think that the wall was for a royal tomb?
Because he found marks and a picture of a llama. This was a sign of a royal tomb.
10. How was working in the valley of Nobles useful for Dr. Hafez?
It gave him experience to differentiate between the ancient Egyptians and the Incas and how both of them buried their dead kings.
11. What were the similarities between the ancient Egyptians and Incas?
v They both mummified their dead kings.
v They dressed them fine clothes and put gold masks on their faces.
v They put gold and silver objects in the tombs.
v They put food and drink.
12. What were the differences between them?
– There were two things the Incas did but the ancient Egyptians never did:
  The Incas killed women and servants and put them with the dead kings and queens.
    –  The Incas made festivals, mummified kings were dressed in fine clothes,     and they put them on litters and go around the city.
13. Why did they kill the women and servants?
– Because they thought that they would help kings and queens in the next world.
14. Why was Dr. Hafez speaking at a low voice?
– Because he did not want any one on the plane to hear as there were more people in Peru didn’t care about Inca treasure. They wanted to take artifactsoutside the country.
15. Why did Dr. Hafez begin to suspect Martin Lander?
v He thought that Martin Lander was not his real name.
v He thought that Martin lost his job in the united mining, as he was involved in taking Inca objects out of the country.
v He did not think that there was united mining in Peru now.
16. When Dr. Hafez asked Leila if she told Martin Lander about his work she thought that she was fool. Discuss.
– Leila told Martin Lander some thing about their work but not much.
17. How did Dr. Hafez organize his work?
– It was better to work in small teams rather than one big one. He divided his archaeologists into two teams. One was under charge of Leila, and the other was under charge of himself.
18. What was Leila in charge of?
– She was in charge of three local archaeologists.
19. Why did Dr. Hafez ask Leila not to tell any one about their work?
– Because there were many people who did not care about the treasure of Inca. They stole them and sold to the collectors.
20. Why did Dr. Hafez send for Leila?
– Because:
 He wanted someone to understand him.
 He wanted some one who he trusted.
21. Amelia Guzman was very jealous of Leila. Prove.
v Amelia Guzman shook hands with Leila without a smile.
v She never offered help to Leila although she was carrying more bags than Dr. Hafez was.