باقى استلة القصة الاولى

Read the following quotations and answer the questions:
  1-“You are the doctor, I suppose.”
a) To whom did Augustus say this statement?
Pokewhistle to the visitor.
b) What was that man?
He was a man from the furniture shop.
c) By whom did Augustus think that man was sent?
By some interfering so-called friends.
2-“..It is of no importance to you if a clever young man should take to his bed at the height of his youth, never to rise again.”
a) Why did Augustus believe that the visitor would not care for him?
As he was one of the uncaring public.
b) What made Augustus take that decision at the height of his youth?
As he failed to get money out of his work. He became disheartened.
c) When did Augustus rise from bed?
When the visitor placed him on thecarpet.
3-So, I gave up the struggle. My heart was broken and I determined to take to my bed.”
a) Who was the speaker?
• –Augustus .
b) What did the speaker struggle for?
• –Earning his living by selling his drawings.
c) Why did he give up the struggle?
Because he became more and more hopeless.
4- “..But I suppose you have been sent here by some interfering so called friend of mine to save me from my suffering.”
a) What was Augustus suffering from?
He couldn’t get any money from his work.
b) What does this quotation show about Augustus’s character?
He wasn’t a nice person to be a friend.
c) By whom was the visitor really sent to Augustus?
The owner of a furniture shop.
 5- “May I mention that there is a certain repetition in your remarks
a) Who was the speaker, to whom?
Augustus Pokewhistle to the visitor.
b) What did the speaker mean by saying so?
He meant that he wanted to finish thestory of his life first without being interrupted. c) Did the spoken to give the speaker the chance to speak? Why?
No, because he was thinking of himself. He wanted to finish his speech first and the others listen.
6-“Nobody came to have their pictures painted, and I had no desire to paint anymore of myself”
a) who was the speaker, to whom
visitor Augustus PokeWhistle to his.
b) Why couldn’t he sell his drawings?
Because he wasn’t a gifted artist insisting on drawing pictures of his own face.
c) Was it possible for him to give up his career? Why?
No, it was impossible. Because he found real pleasure in doing this.
 7-“At the age of seven, I won a prize for a drawing of an animal.”

a)What did Augustus intend that drawing to represent?                                         

  The sunset over London.
b) What did Augustus’s parents do as a result of his getting the prize?
They gave him an opportunity to study under great painters.
c) To what extent was Augustus a good artist?
In fact ,he wasn’t a good artist.
8- “At the age of twenty-one, I started business as a painter of people“.
a) What pictures did he paint at the age of twenty-one?
Pictures of his own face.
b) Where could the visitor see them? why?
On the walls of his setting room as no one wanted to buy them.
c) What did he decide to paint when painting people did not succeed?
Painting the country
More Questions
Read the following Quotations then answer the questions :
1- “If I had had the soul of a true artist, I would have died rather than do such thing.”
a) What thing would a true artist never do?
b) Why was the writer obliged to do that thing?
c) Did he succeed in doing it?
2-“I soon found that selling one’s soul for money is not so easy as it sounds”
a) How did the writer sell his soul?
b) Why wasn’t easy for him to do so?
c) What did he gain in return?
3- “I had often heard the expression “funny enough to make the cat laugh”.
a)How did he try to make the cat laugh?
b) Why did he do so?
c) What happened to the cat?
 4-“Remember that I was without hope and almost hungry, so don’t think of me too severely.”
a) Who to whom?
b) Why would the listener think of the speaker so severely?
c) Why did the speaker do so?
5-“So I gave up the struggle. My heart was broken
a) Why did Augustus give up the struggle?
b) What was his last decision?
c) What made the stranger sure that the decision wouldn’t be carried out?
 6-“You are one of the uncaring public?
a) What does this statement reflect referring to Augustus’s character?
b) What does the word You refer to?
c) What was Augustus’s attitude towards the strange comer?
 7-“It’s kind of you to come, but I don’t think you can help me”
a)Why did the speaker think that he can’t be helped?
b) How did the speaker misunderstand the issue?
c) What was the comer thought to be?


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