The amazing Incas city


         Machu Picchu
It was probably built around the year 1450 AD, and it only thrived for approximately 100 years. Once abandoned, the site survived only within the knowledge of locals who knew about its existence. In 1911, Hiram Bingham, a Yale archaeologist and academic, was exploring the area when he found the ruins with the help of a local farmer. Coincidentlyبالمصادفة , Bingham also found thousands of Inca artifactsتحف upon his discovery of the ruinsالاطلال, over 4,000 of which he exported.  Among the most impressive characteristics of Machu Picchu is the technique that was employed to build it. It is still a general mystery as to how the Inca managed to move the large rocks that they used to construct the city, especially when you consider how it is perched almost precariouslyبعظمة over the Urubamba River valley. You will likely stand in aweرعب upon examining how these rocks were so expertly joined without the use of cement or mortarبمعنى متفجرات.

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