An Artist’s Story

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERاسئله على القصة الاولى “قصة فنان” المقررة على الصف الاول الثانوى      

1- What did Augustus think the stranger was?
* He thought he was a doctor sent by a so-called friend to save him.

2- Why did he think the stranger was a doctor?
He was disheartened so he thought a so-called friend sent him a doctor to save him

3- What was Augustus’ job?
* He was an artist who paints pictures and draws drawings.

4- What was wrong with Augustus?
* He failed his job and decided to take to his bed.

5- What was the prize, he received, for?
It was for a drawing of an animal.

6- What chance did his parents give him?
* They provided him with plenty of pencils and papers and gave him the chance of studying under great painters.

7- When did he get a prize for a drawing?
* At the age of seven.

8- What was that drawing about?
* It was a drawing of a cat thought to represent sunset over London.

9- What did he paint when he started his work?
* He painted eleven pictures of his face.

10- Why did he decide to stop painting people?
* Because nobody wanted his pictures and nobody came to him to have their pictures painted.

11-What made Augustus’s parents help him to be a painter?
* They thought he was really talented

12- What did he decide to paint after deciding not to paint people?
* He decided to paint the country; and painted nine pictures of the view from his back window and seven pictures from the front window.

13- What did he start doing to paint for money?
* He started to draw funny drawings and sent them to newspapers.

14- What made him decide to forget his soul and paint for money?
* Because he had little money and was almost hungry.

15- How did he test his drawings?
* On the cat. He placed his drawings on a line and carried the cat along.

16- What made him test his drawings on the cat?
* For he had heard the expression “funny enough to make the cat laugh”.

17- What was the result for drawing for newspapers?
* He just got his drawings back.

                                                                       Best wishes


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