An Artist’s Story

“YOU are the doctor, I suppose,” said Augustus Augustus Pokewhistle, smiling from his bed at the immense man who had arrived secretly while he slept. “It is kind of you to come, but I don’t think you can help me. However, you are here, I will tell you what is wrong with me.
I am an artist. I paint pictures and I draw drawings…”
“You are going to tell me that you are not interested in the story of my life,” Augustus laughed bitterly. “You are one of the uncaring public, and it is of no importance to you if a clever young man should take to his bed at the height of his youth, never to rise again. But I suppose you have been sent here by some interfering so-called friend of mine to save me from my suffering, and I must therefore explain my illness. And you cannot understand my illness unless I tell you the story of my life.
     ” I was delicately brought up, and ……


The following essay was written by  a very good student but , there are many small mistakes that will cost . There are also several unclear expressions and grammatical errors. Can you help find them ?
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Without capital punishment our lives are less secure and crimes or violence increase. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
    Committing serious crimes need capital punishment so that the offender unable to involved in the crime in the future. However, If they want to stop the violated act in the future then it would better to forget him and judge him for a change .

Overall, I agree with the fact that punishment is the way to avoid the crime to be increased and hence our lives become more secure. If the wrongdoer wants to be a good man and there is some financial or personal problem that led him to the wrong way, then it would be the nice option to forgive him and try to solve the problem he have. Although by this way, some bad man may become effective part of the society but some do not bring themselves to the right path because they are very much used to of it. The person that _ involved in the crime and never try to stop the law-breaking act should be punished in the extremely serious way. However, it totally depends on the nature of crime. Some crime led to capital punishment and some may require small penalty. The law-making institutions are responsible to bring the bad man to the right level of punishment that he deserves. If there is weak legislation to properly handle the offender, it may become our society less secure for the good man. The government should be responsible authority to provide secure and better state to live. Laws should be implemented and executed in the most proper way that do not allow the offender to commit violence act or to break the law in any way or extent. To sum up, it is the responsibility of the state runner to stop people to involved in crime. It may be done through solving the problems of the people that led them to commit violence act or by the punishment accordingly.

Coca Cola

                                                  Coca Cola                   

The Coca-Cola story begins in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1886. John S. Pemberton invents a new drink .Two of the  ingredients  are the South American coca leaf and the African cola nut. Pemberton can’t think of a good name for the drink.
     Finally, Dr Pemberton’s partner , Frank M. Robinson, suggests the name Coca-Cola and writes the new name in a special way and that becomes the famous trademark. 
    Thirty years later the famous Coca-Cola bottle design first appears. The style of the bottle and the trademark are very important for the success of the drink. For may years, they make only Coca-Cola. They only introduce new drinks – Fanta, Sprite and TAB – in the 1960s, and diet Coke in 1982.
     The   recipe  of Coca-Cola is a secret. In 1985 the company does something incredible. They change the recipe! But the public is very unhappy. And, soon after, they bring back the original recipe: ‘Coca-Cola Classic’ .Today they sell Coca-Cola in 195 countries. Hundreds of millions  of people, from Boston to Beijing, drink it every day. It has the most famous trademark in the world.

    Note:- the paragraph  was written in the present simple tense 

What the papers say

CAIRO — Egypt’s military ruler, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, testified Saturday at the trial of his onetime patron and colleague, former President Hosni Mubarak, in a closed hearing that disappointed prosecutors who had hoped he would help determine whether the ousted Egyptian leader conspired to order the killing of unarmed demonstrators in his final days in power in February.

                                                                                                                                                                                  New Yourk Times

Grammar      modal  verbs in the past    

  must have + p.p , can’t have + p.p , might have + p.p
We use must have when we have a good reason for thinking that something in the past is true
The lights are off. He must have gone out.
الانوار مطفاة. لابد( من المؤكد ) انه رحل
He didn’t answer the phone. He must have been asleep
لابد( من المؤكد ) انه كان نائما. . فهو لم يرد على الثليفون
I saw him driving a new car .He must have bought it recently.لقد رايته يقود سيارة جديدة من المؤكد ان اشتراها حديثا          
We use can’t have when we have a good reason for thinking that something in the past is not true.
Tunneling under the Nile cost much money. It can’t have been cheap.ان حفر نفق تحت النيل يكلف مالا كثير. من المؤكد ان هذا لم يكن ابدا رخيصا                       
He has scored three goals .He can’t have been bad player
لقد احرز ثلاثة اهداف . من المؤكد انه لم يك  لاعبا سيئا         
We use might have with the possibility of being something true  
I’m not sure .He might have gone to work